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Fortnightly Newsletter (05/02/19) – Ray White Cairns Beaches

By Paul Stirling
Welcome to the Ray White Cairns Beaches & Smithfield Fortnightly Update
This Fortnight we greet you from a very soggy Cairns.
A mix of, at times, very heavy rain to light but continuous rain has left a lot of moisture on the ground and in the air. Warm and very humid conditions exist at present.
However, we must spare many thoughts for our Townsville colleagues who are experiencing unpredictable rain conditions and new benchmarks of flooding.
The year has started predictably from both the sales and rental aspects.
Rental enquiry for permanently occupied property remains very strong with multiple applications coming in per property whilst good housing stock supply diminishes.
Seasonally the holiday demand has now slowed, although good bookings are being received for the forthcoming season.
The sales performance of January is noted as ‘steady’ buoyed by some excellent ‘competitive’ prices being achieved for the sellers.
Councillor Brett Olds
Local division councillor Mr Brett Olds took the time from his busy schedule to address the sales team and office personnel on many of the existing works that are occurring now and for the future in our region.
Roadways and roadworks were a hot topic during the discussion, particularly:
  1. Exiting Kewarra Beach
  2. Trinity Beach Road
Brett explained that currently no second exit onto the highway is available. This new home traffic will still have to feed onto Cottesloe Drive and Poolwood Road to gain access to the highway. The State Government would have to weigh in with the funds to create another highway entry/exit and at this point in time no funds had been allocated for this required project.
Trinity Beach Road is currently being dug up to replace old water pipes. Once this task is completed the resurfacing of Trinity Beach Road will soon begin, removing the existing, the current and very bumpy traverse.
Paradise Palms Golf Course
The current owners have announced redevelopment plans for this property icon of Cairns Beaches.
Preliminary plans, as told to the writer, include: –
  • Approximately 500 Residential lots with an average size of 650 square metres
  • A new School
  • Plentiful open space and nature walkways
  • A family friendly mini ‘Theme Fun Park’
Proponents to the course’s closure have formed an action group and information can be gained at
Watch this space for more updates on this very hot topic.
What is a Vendor Statement?
This document sets out details about the property being sold such as:
  • Body corporate fees
  • Any planning details associated with the property
  • Payable taxes
  • Any encumbrances on the property
Again, it is recommended that you employ a conveyancer to draw up the contract as any incorrect information can render the contract of sale invalid. As part of their research, they will conduct title, planing and rate searches.
What is a Contract of Sale?
A document signed by both the seller and buyer. It outlines all of property details including the prices agreed by bother parties.
Usually, the contract of sale is drawn up by the real estate agent on behalf of the seller. However, if the property has been sold at auction of there’s no agent involved the conveyancer will draw up the contract.
Why Choose Our Asset Management Team?
Here are some of the benefits our current owners enjoy & value!
  • Real value driven by stability & experience of long term personnel
  • The most highly credentialled senior manager
  • 24 hour after hours & emergency call-out service
  • Same day / 24 hour maximum return of phone calls / emails
Our services include:
  • Holiday Letting
  • Residential Leasing
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Competitive Management Fees
  • 24/7 Online Booking
Our Property Management team is focused on delivering unparalleled service and advice for all your property needs.
For all your questions regarding asset management, please contact Nicole Barry on 0418 763 311
“Ray White Know how to get more for your property”
Who is Responsible for Mould in a Rental Property?
In case you’re leasing property in Queensland, you should:
  • Keep your rental property in a sensible condition of neatness;
  • Not deliberately or carelessly cause or allow damage; and
  • Tell your Property Manager about any damage, as quickly as time permits.
As an occupant, you might be in break of your rental assention if mould is visible if:
  • You got the carpet wet and neglected to treat it or let it dry out appropriately;
  • You didn’t circulate air through the restroom by utilizing exhaust fans or opening windows;
  • You left pools of water on the tiles outside the shower and let scum develop; or
  • You dried garments inside and didn’t air the room a while later.
In the event that you have seen mould in your property, make contact with your Property Manager and let them know. They will almost certainly work with you and the proprietor to find the best arrangement.
Until next time.
Best Regards,
Paul, Joe & The Team
Ray White Cairns Beaches / Ray White Smithfield
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