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Management Rights Explained

Management Rights is a business that gives the right to the resident owner of a
lot, contained within a body corporate building, to fulfil the role of a Caretaker
and to also operate a letting business (of units within the building) on behalf of
non-resident owners. The person who owns the Management Rights is usually
referred to as the Resident Manager.

Thousands of people choose to become resident managers for numerous
reasons. Whether it is a combination of investment return, a combined home
and business environment or the lifestyle aspect, it has proven to be a very
attractive business proposition.

Having management rights to a property means you:

• Live at the complex
• Take care of common property on behalf of the Body Corporate (for
example, pool, bbq, lawns and gardens etc.)
• Let units in the complex on a rental basis. Please note that to be able to
operate as a Letting Agent, you will acquire a Restricted Letting Agent’s
licence. Depending on the complex, the type of letting will predominately
be either Holiday or Permanent letting.

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