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Making Your Property Stand Out At Auction

By Dominique McKenzie

To ensure your property stands out during an auction, it’s crucial to enhance its accessibility, employ a touch of conservative creativity, maintain familiarity, foster inclusivity, embrace a light ambience, and make it undeniably appealing, overall.

In any given month, prospective homebuyers might curate a shortlist of up to five properties that align with their requirements. Over subsequent weeks, these options are evaluated, and properties are eliminated for various reasons. Typically, those with the most appeal survive this process.

The dynamics of buying and selling property resemble a popularity contest, where the most favoured, and likeable homes secure the best prices or sell the fastest.

Applying a Similar Approach to Property Presentation
What if we adopt a similar mindset when presenting our property for sale? Imagine making the property accessible, conservatively creative, familiar, inclusive, light, and appealing. Here’s a formulated guide for achieving property popularity:

  1. Inviting Colour Schemes: Opt for warm and inviting colour schemes, utilising off-whites and neutrals to create an atmosphere of brightness and spaciousness in each room.
  2. Balanced Lighting: Ensure balanced lighting throughout the property, highlighting features and brightening dull areas to draw prospective buyers into each space.
  3. Modern Flooring and Fixtures: Choose modern, mainstream flooring in good condition. Update light fittings, switches, door handles, and locks, avoiding garish choices.
  4. Clutter-Free Spaces: Eliminate clutter to present a clean canvas, allowing prospective buyers to envision their belongings in the home. Balance minimalism with warmth, avoiding excessive austerity.

For sellers, adopting this strategy generates broad buyer appeal, expanding the pool of potential purchasers. This, in turn, fosters increased competition and often results in a higher selling price – sometimes tens of thousands of dollars more.

Simply selling your home is akin to participating in a popularity contest. However, selling it swiftly and at a robust price means you’ve emerged victorious in this contest of appeal and desirability.

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